Feb. 2: Leeway (NYC), Thee Eddie Leeway Show, The Donner Party, Sick 86’d, Glass Street, Race To Die (Doors @ 7 PM, $12) 

Feb. 3rd: Saturday Morning Cartoons (10:30 AM, FREE)

Feb. 10th: Brother JT, RunHideFight, The Big Shaboozie, The Beings (Doors @ 7 PM, $8)

Feb. 17th: Retro Arcade (Noon – 8 PM, FREE)

Feb. 22nd: Last Thursday Open House (6-10 PM, FREE)

Feb. 24th: Aurora’s Demise Farewell Show (Doors @ 5 PM, $5)

Feb. 26th: 10th Ward North Neighborhood Meeting (7 PM)


March 3rd: Goat Wizard, Bottom of the Lake, Gods of Space, Highburnator, Black Friday Death Count (Doors @ 7 PM, $10)

March 17th: Hullabulubula 10: Feelin’ Lucky? (Doors at 6 PM, $5)

March 24th: Retro Arcade (Noon – 8 PM, FREE)

March 29th: Last Thursday Open House (6-10 PM, FREE)

March 31st: Accelerator (NYC), Dick Vomit, Morbid Cross, Power Theory (Doors @ 6 PM, $10)

Ongoing Events

Jesse Keim banner

Every Sunday Doors @ 7 PM Show @ 8 PM FREE Open to ALL performers


Every Saturday 12 pm -1:30 pm Children’s Art Class


Every First Saturday 10 am – 12 pm FREE Saturday Morning Cartoons