The Alternative Gallery is a Non-Profit 501-(c)3 organization. It is run 100% by the work of volunteers. It is funded through contributions, donations and sponsorships. 

All donations are welcome at ANY time. Every little bit helps keep this venture going and expanding to help more artists and communities. 

It’s not just monetary donations we’re in need of, we’re seeking in-kind donations of all types, including:

– Art supplies

– art books & magazines

– books of all types

– old TVs, cameras, VCRs, electronics, etc.

– Vinyl records, VHS, DVD, cassetes, etc.

We often supply artists with different objects to create with. Some of the donations are used within our kids classes, books & magazines give more elements to explore within the gallery. 

If you thing you have ANYTHING that might fit this criteria, please contact us about a drop-off. 

If interested in becoming a sponsor please contact us for more information at 610-462-3282 or

You can also support the Alternative Gallery by pledging your support through our Patreon campaign. Each level receives some really cool incentives.