Art takes many forms. Explore the AG, and you’ll find everything from fine art to street art.

Beyond the Obvious

Our gallery strives to support mediums of art which are less often present in traditional American art galleries. Some of these mediums include; film, animation, video games, comic art, & technology.

We support these creators right along side the traditional mediums of art, but give special focus as we consider them areas which are underserved.

With each new technological achievement we create new mediums of art. We hope to help push them forward!


International Art

The art in our building is not just limited to local & emerging artists, but creators from around the World. We want to support local artists while bringing in outside art & culture at the same time.

We’ve exhibited work & hosted artists from: Japan, Italy, Costa Rica, Peru, Africa, & more.

Feel free to be a part of our mission regardless of where you come from!

Emerging Artists

We understand that getting your start as an artist is a very complex & overwhelming task. We’re here to help!

Being an artist in any capacity is a unique struggle. Whether that happens in the form of a creative block, finding the materials you need, or exhibiting work.

Our goal is to help emerging artists figure out what they need & how to get it. In the process they can also be a part of a community which they can learn & grow from, and hopefully in time, sustain themselves from their art alone.


Artist Talks

People love to connect with a creator & gain insight into their process. For many artists, there is deep meaning behind what they do; something that may not be obvious on the surface of their work, but when the new understanding is applied it can radically alter the way you view the work moving forward.

We encourage artists to talk to others, whether that be the meaning behind their work, their personal story, or technical tips on how to help other creators succeed. We offer the platform & they choose how to use it.

Street Art

The Alternative Gallery is open to any & all forms of art, with a special focus on Street Art & those who explore the creative process in unique ways. The various mediums are exhibited side-by-side throughout our space.

We believe art should be present out in the open & in places where people already are, not hidden away inside. In many ways Graffiti has become the art of the people, making it our Modern Folk Art. We want to help give voice to those people.

Live Painting.jpg

Submitting Art

To inquire about exhibiting with the Alternative Gallery, please email us at:

Please send samples of your work for consideration.

ArtsFest 2018 Graffiti Panels