We use Art as a vehicle to improve our communities.


Community Center

Art is only a part of what we do & one of many tools at our disposal. First & foremost, our space functions as a community center. Being in one of the most underserved areas in the entire city we’re focused on providing for our community.

We offer free art classes to neighborhood kids, provide free food to those in need through our Community Fridge, gather together for block clean-ups, open our event space for family events, & help connect folks with the additional services we can’t provide ourselves.


Public Art

Everyone should have easy access to art & culture. We don’t believe in hiding it away & charging people to experience it. We want art to be for the people, which is why public art is so important to us.

In addition to the art in & around our building, we work with artists to create & exhibit work outdoors. Our central focus is on the exterior or our building & surrounding area, but we also strive to create all around the city & valley.

Even a small amount of public art can make a large impact on a neighborhood.


Working Together

The Alternative Gallery is run 100% through volunteerism. It is through the dedication & hard work of these individuals that we’re able to exist at all, which enables us to help those in need.

A helping hand can come in many forms: volunteering for an event, hosting a class, organizing community events, reaching out to our neighbors & more.

Whether you have community service requirements or just want to get involved, consider volunteering your time!