inkhound press

"Inkhound Press was founded with the emergent printer in mind.."

Our Printshop Inkhound, collaboration is key! Printmaking is distinguished as an art form by its strong sense of community. Together, we aim to preserve the artistry of traditional printing while striving to develop & apply new techniques in our own personal work.

Inkhound Press is constantly looking to expand and diversify.

Our facilities include:

  • Conrad Etching Press (Bed Size: 24”x36”)

  • 2 Small Proof Presses

  • Copper Sulfate Etch Bath (For Zinc, Aluminum & Steel)

  • Tackach Litho Press (bed size 38”x50”)

  • Full sized drying rack

  • Slabs for inking

Various hand tools, inks, rollers, etc.. also available for purchase at the Re-Source.


We offer collaborative printing for those who specialize in drawing, painting, photography and wish to create fine art prints without compromise. The possibilities are endless!

Become part of an organization that is focused on community, art & PRINT!!

Memberships include:

  • Equipment Rentals

  • Exhibition Opportunities

  • Discounted Workshop fees

  • Newsletter Updates

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