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TV & Electronic Restoration

The last 100 years of human history have played out on theatre & television screens of all types. Much of this technology has become obsolete & forgotten.

Our mission is to seek out these items, restore & keep in working order for the public to experience. Every day these objects become more uncommon & the need to preserve them increases.

We are consistently seeking both old electronics and those with the capacity to help restore them!

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3D Printing & Tech Projects

We view technology as functional art. With every new technological achievement we also create new mediums of art. Explore the possibilities of new technologies & how they can be used for creative purposes or to help solve social issues around the world.

We’ve partnered with Make Lehigh Valley, a local Lehigh Valley maker space to help offer hands-on tech projects to all!


Retro Arcade

Gaming is a medium of art which is usually looked at merely as a form of entertainment. Many artists & designers come together on gaming projects to bring them to completion. We also strongly believe in the necessity of PLAY! Enjoy some unique experiences for both their artistic merit & for a source of enjoyment!

We host our Retro Arcade events at The Alternative Gallery as well as off-site locations such as: local area business, libraries, schools & more.

The Retro Arcade features consoles & games from the early days of gaming up to current gen consoles. Each system is hooked up to an era-appropriate television!