As a grassroots, 100% volunteer-run organization, we rely heavily on donations of all sorts.

Below is a list of often needed items which we will gladly accept. Donations can be dropped off at our location from10 am - 8 pm Monday through Saturday.
If you have additional items that you think we can put to use, or need to schedule a drop-off outside of our normal hours, please call 610-462-3282.

Art Supplies


Art supplies of all sorts are always in high demand around here. Donations of new or gently used supplies and tools are greatly appreciated and will be either put to use in our art classes, resold in our retail store, or given to artists working on projects to support our efforts. Our most needed items include:

  • Paints & Brushes of all types

  • Washable & Permanent Markers

  • Crayons, Colored Pencils & Pastels

  • Fabric Remnants/Bolts

  • Paper/Posterboard/Canvas of all sizes

  • Tape & Glue of all sorts

  • String & Yarn

  • Mixing Bowls/Rolling Pins/Measuring Cups

  • Clay & Clay Tools

  • Easels

TVs & Old Electronics

Snapseed (2).jpg

Tube TVs are a staple here at the Alternative Gallery. Most find their way to the dump when they still have some life left to them. We use them for our Retro Arcade events, TV walls, & other installations. Special TVs will be put aside for restoration. Bring us your unwanted:

  • Working Tube, Plasma & LCD TVs.

  • Non-working TVs (pre-1990)

  • VCRs, DVD Players, Blu-Ray Players, etc.

  • Broadcast Equipment

  • Film Projectors

Film, Video & Media Materials


We need all of the following items:

  • VHS recorded from Television (any content)

  • Video Games: any console/manufacturer

  • Video Game systems & peripherals

  • VHS, DVD, LaserDisc, Blu-Ray, pretty much ANY video format

  • CDs, Cassettes, & Vinyl

  • Books, posters, strategy guides, etc.

  • Cameras & accessories

  • Film of any kind

  • Film prints

Building Materials


Building materials and supplies of all types are needed on an ongoing basis to maintain our working and exhibit spaces. New and used materials and tools are used by our volunteer staff to make our space welcoming to all. Commonly needed items include:

  • Plywood

  • Wood Studs of all sizes

  • Hand Tools & Power Tools of all sorts

  • Masonry Tools

  • Weather Stripping

  • Wood Glue & Other Glues

  • Electical Tape

  • Silicone

  • Nails & Screws of all types

  • Interior & Exterior Paints

Lighting & Sound Gear


We host around 100 music shows each year, and that means our gear takes quite a beating and needs to be replaced frequently. If you have any working gear gathering dust, we’ll happily take any of the following items:

  • PA Speakers

  • Monitors

  • Stage & Event Lighting

  • Drum heads, sticks, breakables, etc.

  • Microphones & Mic Stands

  • 1/4” Cords

  • Speaker Cables

  • Extension Cords

All the Other Stuff!

Snapseed (1).jpg

All of the items above are needed, of course. But when all else fails, having the funds needed to buy what can’t be donated is what keeps our doors open. If you’d like to show your support by donating a couple of bucks to the cause, we’ll put it to good use.

Donate to the AG!